Prospective students who want to get M.S. or Ph.D. degree are welcomed! 

Currently, we are working as follows:

  • Signal & Image Processing
    • Audio/Video Signal Processing
    • Image and Video Compression
    • Watermarking/Scrambling
    • Multimedia data compression
    • Digital Watermarking
    • Wavelet transform and its applications


  • Video communication
    • Standard video compression (EVRC, G.72x, MPEG-x, H.26x, SVC, MVC, etc)
    • M/M communication over Internet and control method
    • M/M compression, communication, and security over mobile terminal

[Requirement, support, and contact]


• Language requirement: English fluency (e.g. TOEFL 550, CBT 210, iBT 80, TEPS 550, TOEIC 750, IELTS 6.0)

• In GPA/CGPA, over 80 % of perfect score, e.g. over 3.2/4.0) or over 20% of Top rank
• Academical background: Degree on Electronics or Computer science engineering

• Research support (if you are accepted in the graduate course):

   -  The scholarship will be fully (or partially) given to you for your tuition fee and your living in Korea

   -  Chosun university provides dormitory accessibility

   -  All research facilities are supported such as computers, simulation tools, and experiment environment


• In M.S. or Ph.D. course application, refer below URL.




[ Postscript ]


 If you are accepted to our graduate student program, some desk, chair, desktop PC, monitor, research  area, etc will be given to you.

 You can also use internet service for free all the time.


Please contact me with your C.V. if you are interested.


If you have questions, contact me without hesitation.

( E-mail: Ramesh Kumar Lama),, working in our lab.) )